European ID Studio Implementation and Assessment Phase 1

The implementation starts now!

Everyone can enter the platform with their logins. We also made a user tutorial available.

Classes started on the Feburary 23.

Students are from Gazi University, UBI and Universidad de Alicante. Studants were divided in 11 groups.

All groups have to Design a furniture line to a minimal space.

Groups and the international team of teachers will meet every Thursday to follow up on the work done and share inputs about their projects.


23rd March - 1ª Evaluation

Last Thursday, March 23rd, the first online presentation for evaluation took place.

The 81 students in the program are divided into 11 teams, composed of students from the University of Gazi, the University of Beira Interior and the University of Alicante.

In this evaluation, the groups had to present their concept design with information regarding the project’s end users, information regarding the project layout (concept of use and dimensions) and the design concept of the furniture.

After each group’s presentation, the international group of teachers commented and questioned the students about the choices made and provided notes for the future evolution of the work.

31st March - Sixth week of work

The 1st Phase of the European Virtual Industrial Design Studio is now in its 6th week.
Students are working on their layouts and their concept mock-ups:
– Models at 1:5 scale for the 6 furniture pieces) and Model of the container at 1:10 scale (whole container including 6 pieces of furniture with the general definition of volumes, dimensions and materials).

Each group of students presented the work developed so far and discussed with the teachers about their doubts, choices and ideas. Inputs about the overall concept, materials, positions of the furniture, etc, were given, and the work should continue to get the best results at the end of the semester

12th April - Eighth week of work

We are now in the 8th week of the 1st Phase of the European Virtual Industrial Design.

The 2nd Evaluation, the Design Consolidation presentation was postponed to the April 27 class, due to existing holidays.

But all the work must be done until next week, as scheduled: students must have developed their aesthetic concept, with models at a 1:5 scale (only pieces of furniture), and their Concept models at a 1:10 scale (whole container including 6 furniture), with justification and demonstration of structural solutions, materials, colours and shapes; also they must have their Articulated/actuated concept: with parametric models; justification, demonstration of structural solutions, mechanism operation and integration with the model.

In this week’s class, the teachers followed the work developed by the students and provided tips on the structure, usability, and reliability of the designed furniture and on the coherence of the projects.

27th April - Tenth week of work

On April 27th, the student groups from the 3 universities presented their works for the second evaluation of this project.
All the presented works were discussed and will be later evaluated. The international team of teachers discussed with the groups the choices made and were able to give several indications and suggestions about them. It was also a stage of observation on the evolution of the designs achieved so far.
We are now on our way to the final stage and students should continue to work on their projects until the final evaluation, trying to incorporate the tips they have received and achieve the results they are aiming for.

11th May - Twelfth week of work

In the last class, on May 11th presented their choices regarding the production of the prototypes and mockups and how they will divide them up among the several students from each university for the final production phase.

The teachers 
made comments regarding the chosen furniture, layouts, model scales and the preliminary prototypes shown in this class. The teachers also provided tips on materials, solutions, assembly and small improvements of the pieces, providing helpful guidance in this final production phase.

The final Evaluation will be held on 25th May, Thursday.

We wish everyone to keep up with the great work and we will meet again next week!

25th May - Fourteenth week of work

On May 25th it was held the last online follow-up class of this phase of the project and the students presented their proposals for the layouts of the panels that are to be displayed at the exhibition on June 1st and 2nd.

The teachers provided a lot of help with the final adjustments so that the students can display their work in the most interestingly and appealingly way to the public.

We wish you all a great last week of work and we will be together the next June 1st to celebrate and attend the international exhibition!

International Simultaneous Exhibition

Universitat d'Alacant

Universidade da Beira Interior

Gazi Üniversitesi

Students Final Submissions

Group 1 - Theme: Humanitarian Shelters - Emergency Housing Modules

In their own words: “Designed for people affected by the earthquake, this shelter provides them with a new living space that will make them feel at home. While doing this, we supported our designs by using soft textures and warm colours as well as the simplicity of Scandinavian design.”
The team was composed of students from the 3 universities:
Gazi Üniversitesi: Elif Aybike Sürmeli, Aykut Aslan, Işıl Kabasakaloğlu, Berin Yağmur Tan
Universidade da Beira Interior – UBI: Gonçalo Albano, Adriana Chaves, Maria Maia

Group 2 - Theme: Modular Eco Tourism Hotel

In their own words: “We are designing for people who seek BEAUTY in FEW” and combining this with cultural elements.
Modular standard container design, based on supporting sustainability and local economy, reflecting Nepal’s cultural values in its interior design, suitable for camper persona and designed as an eco-tourism hotel.”
The team was composed of students from the 3 universities:
Gazi Üniversitesi: Ahmet Genç, Şüheda Aslan, Zeynep Karakurt
Universidade da Beira Interior – UBI: Daniel Ferreira, Alvaro Vasconcelos, Filipe Ferreira Aguiar

Group 3 - Theme: Scientific Exploration for Remote Geographical Areas

In their own words: ” The Amazon rainforest is home to many living beings where there is still much to discover, so we decided to develop a project directed to research in this area. We have created a research space that is multifunctionally a habitable space inside a container, which will receive three scientists for about a year, and which will be supplied with resources every fifteen days. In order to be fully equipped with all the necessary material, we articulate several pieces of furniture thus having each one several purposes.”
The team was composed of students from the 3 universities:
Gazi Üniversitesi: Karel Erkan, Ladin Karcik, Ayça Selin Çelik
Universidade da Beira Interior – UBI: Pedro Oliveira, Ruben Oliveira, Pedro Resende, Paulo Costa

Group 4 - Theme: Modular Coworking Station

In their own words: ” Work With Fun! This project was developed with the goal of creating a workspace in San Andreas, Colombia. The main inspiration for this container is kindergartens from where we took the bright colours and geometric lines. The space can have two possible layouts: Work time and Event time. During work time, our container has space for 7 workers, and each of them is entitled to a table, chair and personal locker. In the common areas, there is food storage and an area where the workers can socialize, the separation of spaces is made by a movable white board. In the second layout configuration the furniture can be arranged in a more open space way to give room for people to roam around during the event.”
The team was composed of students from the 3 universities:
Gazi Üniversitesi: Didenur Emirza, Pelin Akifoğlu, Arkun Kaspak
Universidade da Beira Interior – UBI: Catarina Ferreira, Sara Neves, Mariana Neves

Group 5 - Theme: Humanitarian Shelter - Emergency Housing Modules

In their own words: “Reduced mobility should not be seen as limiting a person’s capabilities. It is essential to create inclusive environments with accessible solutions to allow the full participation of all in society. This involves installing ramps, elevators, tactile signage, and assistive devices. Awareness of the needs of people with reduced mobility is essential to promote inclusion and equal opportunities. (…) Bringing a new concept for disabled people. When there is a problem there should be a solution, mechanisms and adjustments are the main focus on this project.”
The team was composed of students from the 3 universities:
Gazi Üniversitesi: Alperen Çınar, Berra Altınsoy, Dicle Şimşek, Elif Akyüz
Universidade da Beira Interior – UBI: Nicole Lopes Aguiar, Ana Catarina Carhalvo, Maria Beatriz Correia De Silva

Group 6 - Theme: Modular Emergency Ward

In their own words: ” To produce new forms by subtracting pieces from geometric shapes. Silent, relaxing, organic and harmonic shapes similar to nature, without symmetry, forms that easy to clean, prevents injury and functional.
With colors such as blue, green, gray, purple, pink, beige, white and round shapes we will provide serenity and easy cleaning.”
The team was composed of students from the 3 universities:
Gazi Üniversitesi: Yağmur AKILLILAR, Beyza Nur, Burcu EROL, Duygu YALÇIN
Universidade da Beira Interior – UBI: Laura REIS, Isa MARTINS, Cátia COELHO
UA – Universitat d’Alacant / Universidad de Alicante: Abel Belhaki RIVAS, Iker Alaminos HERNANDEZ, Jorge Pérez HERNÁNDEZ, Alejandro López SÁNCHEZ

Group 7 - Theme: Modular Eco Tourism Hotel

In their own words: “Minidrógão Hotel is an ecotourism hotel for Portugal’s Praia do Pedrogão region.
The hotel combines local Portuguese culture with a modern style cross with modern
shapes that will facilitate your project’s main objective, the space’s functionality. The hotel offers to a vacation for groups of friends. Thanks to environmental support activities, guests can support nature and socialize.”
The team was composed of students from the 3 universities:
Gazi Üniversitesi: İclal Doğan, Ege Sina Döven, Serkan Pehlivan
Universidade da Beira Interior – UBI: Carolina Gaspar, Martim Gomes, Inês Gonçalves

Group 8 - Theme: Research Station in Antarctica

In their own words: ” This Project try to create a confortable and suitable space where anyone can rest and feeling like home in it. This container it´s specially directed for scientifics, whom usually in their researches are expose to hard life conditions.
The container has to be separed in diferents areas, it necessary have to exist a bedroom area, kitchen, bathroom and we also like to include a work space where the scientist can work in their projects.”
The team was composed of students from the 3 universities:
Gazi Üniversitesi: Incilay, Yagmur, Enise
Universidade da Beira Interior – UBI: Paola González, Abelardo Pereira, Andressa Filippo, Kerana Sousa

Group 9 - Theme: Modular Coworking Station

In their own words: “Accessible co-working station for everyone… we decide to design a co-working station that everyone can use without difficulty. So we take disabled person in our main user. Every person with wheelchair can use our container’s every services. We want to collaborate travelling and working in a community together. And inspired by the transportation vehicles. That’s why we called our container ‘Voyager’”.
The team was composed of students from the 3 universities:
Gazi Üniversitesi: Metin Can Kılıç, Fatma Zehra Öztürk, İrem Türkoğlu, Turgut Lale
Universidade da Beira Interior – UBI: Mariana Robalo, Matilde Aguiar, Rita Oliveira

Group 10 - Theme: Humanitarian Shelter - Emergency Housing Modules

In their own words: “A portable living area that feels like home with minimal and
traditional design mixed together. Providing a temporary emergency shelter in a container. Providing flexibility and keep the Turkish home spirit.
Context: 4 peoples (a family). Based on the earthquake victims in Türkiye, Izmir.
Izmir: the Mediterranean climate, hot and dry summer, warm and rainy winter Earthquake survivors will continue their lives between 6-12 months in a temporary emergency shelters. Because their homes have been destroyed and the debris needs to be removed.”
The team was composed of students from the 3 universities:
Gazi Üniversitesi: Ali Öztekin, Zeynep Sararmış, Sinem Şeyda Demirbağ, Ece Nur Özay

Universidade da Beira Interior – UBI: Nicole Nunes, Ana Ribeiro, Clementine Crochet, Eval Luna Pineda


Group 11 - Theme: Modular Emergency Ward - Festival Areas

In their own words: “A medical emergency ward for festival areas is a temporary healthcare facility designed to provide swift and effective medical care to festival-goers in need of urgent attention. Its primary purpose is to address medical emergencies such as dehydration, heat exhaustion, and drug overdoses, while also offering treatment for minor injuries and illnesses. Additionally, these facilities prioritize education and prevention, equipping festival attendees with resources to maintain their well-being and safety throughout the event.”
The team was composed of students from the 3 universities:
Gazi Üniversitesi: Nil Reyhan Şen, Zeynep Naz Demir, Ömer Can Polat, Esin Albayrak

Universidade da Beira Interior – UBI: Adamastor Joao , Catarina António, Elton Varela


Student's First Phase Certificate