Press Release

EINSTUDIO Showcases Remarkable Achievements at ID Studio Implementation – First Phase Exhibition

The EINSTUDIO project reached a significant milestone with the successful culmination of the ID Studio Implementation – First Phase exhibition. Held from June 1st to June 2nd, 2023, the event showcased the impressive works of all student groups, marking the completion of the first implementation of VID Studio after 15 weeks of dedicated effort. These 15 weeks have been with online classes conducted through the EINSTUDIO platform. This innovative approach facilitated interactive and collaborative learning experiences for professors and students across institutions, transcending geographical boundaries.

The exhibition provided a platform for the transnational student teams, consisting of 50 talented individuals from three esteemed universities: University of Beira Interior, Gazi University, and University of Alicante. Witnessing the collaborative work of these students was truly inspiring, as they harnessed their diverse skills and perspectives to create innovative solutions.

The exhibited prototypes demonstrated a harmonious fusion of mechanical articulation principles from the University of Alicante and industrial design and product design expertise from Gazi University and UBI. These cutting-edge designs explored a range of themes, including portable medical containers, emergency shelters for families, ecotourism, scientific bases for exploration, and co-working start-ups. Each project showcased a unique blend of creativity, functionality, and sustainability.

Simultaneously, the exhibition took place at the three participating universities, Portugal, Spain and Turkey.

The ID Studio Implementation – First Phase exhibition stands as a testament to the feasibility and sustainability of European initiatives. The tangible results achieved during this phase serve as a prelude to the implementation of these groundbreaking concepts in real-world scenarios, highlighting their practicality and relevance in fostering social innovation.

The EINSTUDIO project, supported by Erasmus+ and promoted by GAZI UNIVERSITESI in collaboration with UNIVERSIDADE DA BEIRA INTERIOR, UNIVERSIDAD DE ALICANTE, STORYTELLME, and ISOB, is a pioneering transnational endeavor that fosters innovation, collaboration, and European excellence in industrial design. By harnessing the talents of students from various universities and facilitating knowledge exchange, the project aims to create a brighter future through social innovation and impactful design solutions.