There are three target groups in this project, which are:

(1) instructors involved in industrial design education through studio courses.

(2) University students needed to build the key transversal skills necessary to enable them to fulfil their potential in the labour market.

(3) Higher education institutes having industrial design departments. The partnership considers the Industrial Design as an interface of Architecture and Engineering. Within this respect, function of innovative products considering the appropriate material, production method and mechanisms come across as the priority. Secondly comes humanising the appropriate industrial design solutions together with the economical aspects. The holistic approach should primarily based on these issues. The project will promote synergies and cross-fertilisation throughout industrial design education in higher education institutes at 3 partner countries (TR, PT, ES) together with two other organisations (PT, DE) that are well-qualified in innovative teaching approaches. The project will help create a sustainable, multidisciplinary and validated industrial design studio education in virtual environments; form interdisciplinary teams of instructors (industrial designers, engineers, graphic designers etc.) to ensure effective criticising through the integration of innovative tools and methods for active learning of undergraduate ID students.